We made it

We are back in Tsumkwe. Its good to be “home”. However we have been sick more than well since we left. But we are back and after a few days of unpacking, cleaning, and fixing a few things we hope to be back to normal. Thanks for your prayers and continue to pray as we get adjusted again here.


2 thoughts on “We made it

  1. We are so sorry that Anastasia got sick on the flight over and you all were not up to par on your trip to Tsumkwe. Pray you are doing much better now. Jeremy, we are also praying your disciples held on strong while you were away. Clauda, your selling the ladies’ jewelry was a wonderful project and thank you for doing all that work for them. I am free from my dizzy spells at the present time. Fred is slowing down a lot. His back and legs are give him a lot of pain. Many of our church members are planning to visits the Ark and the Creation museum in mid September. Fred and I want to go if we are able. Frank, our oldest son is going to have back surgery Monday morning. He has suffered for three weeks .


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