Sunday after Easter

Last Sunday was Easter and it’s kinda hard to top that enthusiasm. Nobody remembers the race after the Daytona 500 or who won the championship a few years ago. Last week I shared that Easter is about a message of hope. That hope never changes it’s eternal. So every Sunday as we gather we have hope, every day that we awake we have hope. Last Sunday for us was a hard day, this our first week in Namibia didn’t get easier as sickness lingered. Sleepless nights, jet lag, driving on the wrong side of the road and realizing it as someone is coming at you. It scared them more than me. But we are glad to be back and excited to be heading up to Tsumkwe this week. The eternal hope we have is why we have returned and are looking forward to returning to Tsumkwe. As you gather this week with other Jesus followers may you smile in the midst of your circumstance because of that eternal hope. Our latest newsletter just dropped in your mailbox or maybe your spam folder. If you missed it here it is.


One thought on “Sunday after Easter

  1. Praying for your family.
    That statement encompasses so much, safety, health, encouragement, confidence, hope and fulfillment, unknown burdens….
    God, bless.


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