We are now hosting our videos on our new Rumble channel.

Our old Youtube channel is still active but we are now putting all our new content on rumble simply because it’s a much better video hosting site.

Below is an archive of old videos.

A tour of our new home in Kenya.

A glimpse of our new friends and people we have interacted with in our first month here.

A view of our new surroundings and what its like to live here in our house.

A collection of videos and pictures the kids in Rwanda took on our recent trip.  We love giving them the camera and letting them have fun.

A video of the sunrise and sunset in Lesotho as well as a general greeting to our Home church.

The following video is a series of clips I put together about new things for us here in South Africa.

A Video about some important information as we are leaving the States next month.

As we have talked to people about moving to Africa some common questions have  been asked by many, so I sat down for a few minutes to answer them!  It also gave me a chance to  play around with the camera 🙂

This video will introduce you to our team leader Zeke and show you how our new style “African” houses are being built.

This video is a fun video of the children in Cyegera Rwanda. Claudia just recently returned from a short mission trip there and all the pictures are taken by the kids themselves. She just gave them the camera and they had a blast as you can tell.

This Video is an update on the building of our team houses and as of April 6th we can say they are almost finished.

So you want to be a missionary in Africa in a “desert” during the rainy season.  Check out this funny video.

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