Season of Change

This week has been emotional and busy. So let me share two post we made while on the go.


And so……. Claudia and Anastasia say see you later after 5 yrs. This morning they joined with the “church” that now gather on Sundays behind the house we first lived back in 2016. These are the people God has blessed us to do life with; to disciple, to love, to encourage, to cry with, to laugh with. When we came no church and most of these people weren’t Jesus followers. Now they gather and sing, and explore God’s word together. A little glimpse of heaven. God’s people from every tribe, nation and tongue singing praise. Me Jeremy couldn’t hold my tears back. Tears of joy that only comes from God’s heart. We have suffered so much and to see that this morning is beyond words. Continue to pray for Claudia and Anastasia as they start their travel back to the States this afternoon. Their flight is Thursday and Friday. Thank you to our team of supporters across America, celebrate with us.


It has been a difficult week of tears, long hugs, and until next time. We waved goodbye to Namibia from the air. We will return, you have part of our hearts. Anastasia and I are now in the US to start a new season of life.

So to summarize if you made it this far. Anastasia and Claudia are now back at the farm in South Georgia to start a new season of life. Anastasia will start pre-k in a few weeks. Jeremy has stayed behind to close up shop but also oversee the startup of a new bible translation project heading up by the Namibia Bible Society. Praise God for this new three year project, His timing is perfect. Jeremy will return to the U.S. in early September.

3 thoughts on “Season of Change

  1. Jeremy and Claudia, Thank you for your ministry, your perseverance, and your desire to see others know Jesus. Blessings on you and Anastasia as you begin this next chapter of serving Him. Dan and Jodi


  2. Dear Ones, I’m praying for a smooth transition as you begin a new chapter in your life. I’ll continue to thank God for all that you accomplished in Namibia. Blessings!

    Your servant in Christ, Jack



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