Miracle of the Month: Paperwork

For those that live and work overseas, the common bond we have is paperwork.  Government related paperwork seems to dominate alot of our energy.  Whether its applying for an ID so you can purchase a vehicle, or immigration needs one more thing.  At times it can be frustrating.  Especially in Africa where often you go to a counter hands full of “certified stamped copies” of what you’ve been told you need to be told no you are missing this “certified stamped copy”.  You go get that copy and return to another counter because the previous one is full and your told again no your missing this also. Such is life here.

Last week I experienced this twice with two different people. I was trying to get a simple Driver ID (not a license) so I could register the vehicle I bought.  I went to the counter to be told no. So I got the “copy” and went to another center on the other side of town (a little closer to the house) and was told a crazy story of how I need another piece of paper.  Well it sounded made up so I headed back to the previous lady who then said my “copy” wasn’t the right copy.  The whole time over I was praying for God’s favor and after 5 minutes of explaining this is the only copy that I had and it was given by the authorities she finally said ok.  Sometimes in life it’s the small things but on that day that was a huge thing.  I now have the vehicle and it’s registered a miracle indeed.

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