Story of the week: A Tree

We are back in the village of Tsumkwe for a visit to secure housing to move here at the end of February. We went and visited our old neighborhood and house. It’s been four years since we lived here and at the time Claudia was introducing moringa (an amazing vitamin packed plant) to our neighbor Daqm. We left Daqm to care for the tree she planted after teaching him how to harvest it’s leaves for nutrition. Now Daqm has 6 other moringa trees growing that he has planted from the seeds. His family is poor and they add the leaves to their porrage. It’s was so encouraging to see and hear how one tree and some proper education and a willing heart to receive and act can affect a family in a positive way. The field is ripe for harvest here, may we be faithful and wise with our time we have been granted. The picture is that tree today. It’s the hot summer so it’s dropped it’s leaves for now. When it was planted it was chest high on Claudia. It’s now 15 feet high.

4 thoughts on “Story of the week: A Tree

  1. Joseph: A fruitful baugh!

    I see it as a token (a ”handful on purpose”) of God’s love for the San Bushmen as well as His hand of blessing on you both (uhh…three!). I wonder what other “increase” you will find as you re-acclimate to this beloved folk?

    We love and are praying for y’all!

    …Joey & Debi

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