Story of the Week: Toddler Travel

We  are currently in the capital acquiring a vehicle and supplies to setup the house in the village.  Anastasia loved flying on the big jets but the thing she most enjoyed was the animated 1/5 scale T-rex they had in the airport at Doha.  We must have spent a few of the 10 total hours of our layover just watching this dinosaur.  We are blessed our toddler loves to travel.  Next week we will spend over 20 hrs on the road visiting the village.  Pray for us and our leadership as we travel next week.  Pray that we will have wise conversations with local leaders.

4 thoughts on “Story of the Week: Toddler Travel

  1. Traveling 20 hours in Namibia is certainly not like traveling 20 hours in the USA. Praying for a hedge of protection around you and you will be well received everywhere you go.

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