We wait…..

Hello faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

An update of this week’s events. Thank you for your passionate prayers!

  • Kevin, our Unit Leader in Namibia, said his part of the meeting on Tuesday the 10th went well. He was not allowed to stay while the board discussed our case.
  • We must wait for the official letter with the signature and stamp from the chairman of the board of immigration. This letter will tell us the decision of the board.

When will the letter come?

  • At the close of the business week in Namibia, we have received word a letter has not been signed yet. Apparently, the board has requested information from one of our endorsement letters.
  • So, we must continue to wait for the official letter with the answer.

What about the deadline?

  • We trust God that an answer is coming from Namibia.
  • Our leadership here in the US has been working on a short-term assignment for us. Unfortunately, the main person is on vacation currently. So, we must wait for her return for more details to share with you all.

So, what now?

  • We are beyond weary. We are to the point of exhaustion physically, mentally and emotionally. Spiritually, we barely have strength to hold on and have asked God to hold us.
  • Please pray that God will hold us together. We are begging God to bring light to the next step He would have us take in this journey. We are pleading for the answer to come.

The Ju/’hoan word for pray is /xom.

It is used for praying, begging and pleading.

All these actions one would do on one’s knees.

/xom for mercy. /xom for strength.

/xom for the answer to come. /xom for a lighted path forward.

One thought on “We wait…..

  1. Praying for you both, that God would encourage your hearts and provide you with the ability to continue to lay your burdens at His feet. May you feel His loving arms around you while you wait and rest in Him during this difficult season.


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