Certified Sadness

We have 2 things to share this week.

1. We hope to be on the last step for our visas in Namibia. The immigration board has asked that Jeremy’s high school and college diplomas and transcripts be CERTIFIED by the Namibia Qualification Authority. Once this is done, we are hopeful that our visas will be approved.

2. We and the Ju/’hoansi people are mourning this week because an accident happened between Tsumkwe and Grootfontien where Chief Bobo’s wife and her sister died. We are filled with tears and SADNESS. Below is Chief Bobo’s wife //uce.

4 thoughts on “Certified Sadness

  1. I am sorry to hear of this loss. Praying for the chief and the community.

    Continuing to pray for your visa approvals.

    Love you guys. ❤️


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