Light at the End of the Tunnel

We were informed earlier this week by Kevin, our Unit Leader in Namibia, that he has been summoned to appear before the immigration board and plead our case next Tuesday at 10am Namibian time (4am EST).

The burden is upon Kevin to state our case clearly before the immigration board. We have been praying for a breakthrough for months. A definite and final decision will come out of this meeting next Tuesday.

Soo…. Join us in praying for Kevin as he prepares and presents. We are praying for our visas to be granted and the door to be opened for other missionaries also. We are a small part of the Kingdom of God and serve a Great and Mighty God.

Feel free to rally other believers in prayer. If your church, Sunday School class or small group could pray for Kevin this weekend, that would be awesome. Together let us go to the throne room asking for God to give Kevin clarity of thought and the needed words led by the Holy Spirit.

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