Fun Fact Friday

Happy New Year!!!

Here is another fun fact to start the new year.
Many have asked if we will be able to receive mail in Tsumkwe, Namibia, so here is an answer.


The local international mail service is reasonably effective and affordable, although delays and pilferage are recurring complaints. The average transit time for a letter from Namibia to the US. via local mail is one to two weeks.

Windhoek offers two express mail services: DHL and Federal Express, which have proven to be reliable and safe, although costly. For documents or parcels weighing less than one kilogram, the cost of sending items from Namibia to the US is about US$26. The cost for a one kilogram package is about US$46, and the cost of larger packages goes up from there depending on weight.

We assume the cost and time frame should be about the same from the US to Namibia.


We will do most communications through skype, email, and through this blog. We received our voice recorders as Christmas presents. We will use them for learning the language, but we should have room for some words from home with over 150 recording hours. If you would like to record a word of encouragement for us before we leave, please email us. We truly value your love, support, and encouragement. We value your prayer support. Yes, God will sustain us, but we need you all too. Thank you from the depths of our hearts.

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