TIMO Tuesday

Ministering in various African countries and contexts, TIMO embodies the missionary spirit of flexibility which adapts to meet the needs of a given situation. As a result of this flexibility and adaptation, specific TIMO teams can look very different from each other causing some to wonder what is it that makes TIMO, TIMO. There are twelve core values that are non-negotiable which will be found among any TIMO team.

2. Commitment to the Local Language and Culture. TIMO believes it is critical to the proclamation task to articulate the gospel in the context and mother tongue of the hearer whenever possible.


We are both excited to learn the culture and way of life of the San people. Something new everyday. The San people speak a Khoisan language which is best known for its use of click consonants. Jeremy is looking forward to learning the language and talking with the people. I, Claudia, on the other hand am a little intimidated by the thought of learning another language.  For those of you that don’t know, I have dyslexia and no phonic skills. I have personally struggled my whole life with the English language which is one of the hardest languages in the world. I was in special classes in school and summer tutoring to help me get through school. I am encouraged that a simpler language maybe easier for me, so only with God’s strength and endurance will I persevere and speak with the San. It will take me longer but I know I can do it.

Here is a link to one AIM family video as they learn a new language.  Click to Video



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