Fun Fact Friday

Every Friday we will post a fun fact about Namibia the country we are going to serve in. Join us on our journey as we learn more about Namibia. If you have a question about Namibia, let us know. We will look it up and post it as our next fact!


I love researching the directions and reading about how remote the place we are going to spend the next 2.5 years of our lives.   This park is only 30 miles north of where we will be. The park’s website describes the park like this: The Park must be entered by at least two 4 X 4 off road vehicles per party
Comment: Due to the difficulty of the roads and no facilities such as petrol stations or vehicle repair in or near the park it is required to enter the park with two 4×4 vehicles to ensure that support in case of getting stuck or vehicle problems is at hand.

Road directions

To enter the Khaudum Game Park from the south (Sikereti Camp) via Tsumkwe  (This is the village we will be living in)
From Tsumkwe to Sikereti is approx. 50 km
* From Tsumkwe drive north on the D3315 and D3303 to Sikereti
The entire trip is on extremely bad sandy road. 

(LOL  anyone want to come on a safari trip with ME!!!)  I love their honesty!!!

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