Fun Fact Friday

Every Friday we will post a fun fact about Namibia the country we are going to serve in. Join us on our journey as we learn more about Namibia. If you have a question about Namibia, let us know. We will look it up and post it as our next fact!


Speed Limits:  How fast can we legally go???

The general speed limits in Namibia are (according to Road Authority of Namibia):

  • 60 km/h (37  mph)on a public road within an urban area (may be lifted to 80 km/h on some major urban roads)
  • 120 km/h (74 mph )on every tarmac freeway.
  • 100 km/h (62 mph)on non-tarmac freeway (“gravel” road)   Sidenote: Don’t know if I want to go faster than this on a gravel road.

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