TIMO Tuesday

Ministering in various African countries and contexts, TIMO embodies the missionary spirit of flexibility which adapts to meet the needs of a given situation. As a result of this flexibility and adaptation, specific TIMO teams can look very different from each other causing some to wonder what is it that makes TIMO, TIMO. Twelve core values are the non-negotiables which will be found among any TIMO team.

  1. Reaching the Lost with the Saving News of Jesus Christ. This is the central value of TIMO. The lost can be the classic “unreached” who have yet to be exposed to the gospel, but it also includes those who have yet to respond positively to the claims of the gospel. In general, TIMO will not seek to work where the gospel is already being effectively proclaimed by another group but will instead seek out groups of people who are most needy from an evangelistic viewpoint. Our motivation is to see the Kingdom of God increase and have people enter into an eternal relationship with the Triune God.


I have been really thinking about this for the past week knowing I was going to post the first value of TIMO. It is the Christmas season and the real reason for celebrating is CHRIST’s birth. He is the reason for all the lights because He is the Light of the World. He is the reason the host of Angels came to sing of His coming. He is the reason the Wiseman traveled so far to give gifts. Jeremy and I have been really thinking about how we are going to celebrate Christmas in Africa and do it in a way that glorifies God among a people group who do not who Christ is. Jesus came to Save EVERYONE even the least of these the Shepherds. How can we proclaim the Good News of Jesus to the San people? Christ is Born. Let’s Celebrate!!!

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