Mid August already?

I checked and it’s been over 2 months since I posted. So busy….but here is a recap of what has happened.

— Taught in 4 villages the 10 lesson discipleship curriculum.

— Finished the main story arch and taught a story in another village. We are up to 25 stories now.

— Had a short term couple with us for 5 weeks.

–Translated all of the Sermon on the mount text, recorded and in the process of dubbing it to video.

–Received some great bush medicine for my congestion. Wow great stuff.

–Met with Namibia Bible Society leaders and a proposal is in to start a full bible translation project here.

–Upcoming in the next few weeks. 10 villages to take the teaching to. More stories to create and record. Matthew video to finish. Get ready to visit the USA this fall.

Yeah so we’ve been busy. Continue to pray as God’s word comes in a clear understandable and reproducible way here.

We can choose to live in fear or press on toward the prize which God has laid before us. We choose to press forward but ask God for wisdom in what we do.


4 thoughts on “Mid August already?

  1. How exciting to hear this update! Great news about the meeting with the Namibia Bible Society & the potential project! Ongoing prayers for y’all! Love y’all and looking forward to seeing you guys this fall.

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  2. I just read your August information. Wow, this is good stuff. God’s Word going forth. Hallelujah to His Name. The harvest is great and the laborers are few. It is wonderful to be amongst the few as you and your family are. In scripture we see that The Lord uses the few. He gets the increase and the glory! Thank you for what you and your family are doing out there. The “San People” are a group that my heart cried for. If He be lifted up all men will be drawn unto Him. In Christ we stand.


  3. Dear Ones, Your newsletter was very brief, but it knocked me out! Look what God has done and is doing! I think back to all that your family has gone through so that you could be available to serve God in Namibia. How He has honored your sacrifice. We do, indeed, serve a great and wonderful God!

    Your servant in Christ, Jack



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