Handles and Holiday

Claudia and I were listening to a message the other day.  I love what imaginary the pastor used.  He said we need to give handles to the word of God.  Too many people don’t know how to apply it to everyday living. This is exactly what we are trying to do here. Being here and doing what we are doing has shown me exactly the need to give the word handles. Unfortunately most of our western upbringing is about rules and regulations. Falling into line and church is no exemption from this. It’s rules over obiedence. We have seen first-hand the disconnect here. Has the “gospel” been shared here. Well that depends on how you define it. If it’s just about Jesus dying and being a good man then yes. (Rules) Has anyone brought “handles” (obiedence) to help the Ju’hoansi apply the teachings of Jesus to their life. No. So I was encouraged by the messages as it brought clarity to what we are doing here. Every week I encounter someone who says you make it clear for us, thank you.

Since January we’ve been here by ourselves almost full time with just a few day breaks every 30 days or so. We are wore out, mentally more than anything. Also the daily grind of living in a remote place with no fresh goods wears on you. . Thank goodness AIM requires and encourages us to take a break. So next week we are going on Holiday to the coast. Then we will go to the capital for some doctor visits and shopping before picking up a young couple with AIM who will be with us for 5 weeks.


3 thoughts on “Handles and Holiday

  1. Dear Ones, Good thoughts. I’m having exactly the same challenges in modern America! Thanks for your work. May God help you in all you do. Enjoy your rest.

    Your servant in Christ, Jack


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  2. Jeremy, We are praying that you will be refreshed while at the coast. We hope to meet with Liam and Kylie June 15 for Lunch. We pray this couple will be able learners and servants with you there!


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