Daqm did most of the teaching today. 5 of my disciples went. 2 cooked for all of us and the other three taught.

Over the past 6 years of being on the mission field full-time I’ve learned it’s about the journey and not the task that is important. Today started at 9 and the plan was to go and pickup guys in different villages and start teaching them the bible curriculum. We have been working on this since we arrived last year. We got to the first village and ran into a lake. The rains were really good this past season. They are gone till November but the bush remains flooded in parts. So we had to hike the rest of the way to get the guys and hike out and continue our pickups. I had no clue how many “teachers” we were going to be able to get. At 12 we finally arrived at our teaching spot the 5th village on the border. We had 9 guys who represented 5 villages. I had planned to cover alot of material but I sensed the Holy Spirit saying slow down. So we did and we had a great day. They all shared their testimony and we talked through a few lessons. I handed out the printed version and gave each village a solar auido player with the translated scripture and stories we worked hard on this past year. They were so happy. At the end one of the guys urged me to not disappear like everyone else who comes to tell them about Jesus. I assured him of our plan and what the purpose of this training was. To train and teach you and give you the oral resources so you can go back and teach your village. I told him the plan was to teach them 30 lessons before December. We have 10 done and I’m working on the next 10 with my disciples. So today was awesome and an answer to our prayers that the gospel comes to the Ju’/hoansi in a clear, understandable and reproducible way. Next Tuesday we will load up again and enjoy the journey. Although I didn’t get as far as I wanted to with teaching and it will take multiple trips the day ended with an impromptu worship time. No projectors, lights or instruments. Just 15 followers of Jesus singing to their King. I hit record on my phone and that audio is below.


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