Bush medicine

Living in a place my body didn’t grow up leads to bi-monthly battles with my tummy.  Friday I woke up and the battle had started.  Normally it’s no problem, as I’m in town.  However we had promised and planned for weeks to help setup the new village with our family here.  I was their ride.  So we went and they saw I was hurting and going to the bush often with toilet paper. lol (Hang with me there is a point to this story).

One of the guys asked if I would be willing to try something from the bush they knew would help. I guess they thought I wouldn’t but when I said yep they immediately went to the bush and brought back a root. I asked what it was and Daqm showed me how to eat it. You take the bark and start chewing. Immediately all the moisture in your mouth disappears and it is very very bitter. But you keep on chewing and swallow the juice. You chew it like gum for about 15 minutes. After 2 “treatments” within hours I was doing better and within 12 hrs totally cured from something that normally takes 2 days.

I was reminded of God’s abundance and how He has given us everything we need to live. In our world today we have lost touch with the land and it’s healing within. Most remedies are synthetic, but to be taken back to a simpler time was refreshing. These people we live with truly are amazing.

The weekend was capped off with “church” under a tree out in the bush. And we saw a few elephants nearby. God is moving in their hearts as we all shared as Jesus followers how we struggle to keep our eyes upward when others do you harm.

5 thoughts on “Bush medicine

  1. Wow, God is Great, all the time! When reading your story my thoughts went to trust. You trusted. They knew of a source to help you, and you were willing to give it a try it. They showed you the root and where the source was, they demonstrated and instructed you on how to use it and then you put it to action. My mind went earthly to heavenly. Oh taste and see that The Lord is good! I pray in Jesus Name as you and your family continue to point them to source. Christ Jesus! What a lesson from this moment in time. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. I will continue in prayer.

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  2. Building relationships. Trust! I keep thinking about how when you trusted them how it opens doors for them to trust you and what you are sharing about Jesus. I have been pondering on this and again am in awe of Him how he works things out to His good, maybe at your expense in the bush =)

    He is truly great and greatly to be praised.

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    1. Yes. You are correct. We do try and model that ever since we arrived. It takes a long time over many different situations to earn that right to speak truth into someone’s life.


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