Blow my mind

Today I started to work with a few of the trained translators here on a project that will help our Bible curriculum and oral project. We are trying to get Matthew 5,6,7 into Ju’/hoansi. This is Jesus famous sermon the mount. These passages are loaded with amazing content for new believers and followers of Christ which is our focus here.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional trained Bible translator and I wish someone could be here doing that. But in life we have to balance reality and wants. Right now it’s just me so we press on and ask the Spirit to guide us. We plan on using this to develop Bible lessons in Ju’/hoansi and also dub it over the existing lumo project Matthew film. Kinda like a modern “mini Jesus Film”.

Pray for guidance as we translate every Saturday morning for a few hours. But this morning blew my mind. Have you ever tried to explain the beatitudes in English to someone else. That is hard enough. Now try to explain it to someone with a vocabulary that doesn’t have all these fancy English words. Now you see the mountain we are trying to climb. I’m not looking for a “professional translation” but just want to get the basic meaning of what Jesus was saying.

So I’m asking that you add this to your prayers. Not only this but the story project and curriculum development. These things will help us to bring the “good news” here in a understandable, reproducible and clear way. That is our goal.

After 5 verses done today, I need some good play time with Anastasia and a nap. My brain hurts.

4 thoughts on “Blow my mind

  1. Thanks, Jeremy. I pray for you, that your work will go well. I feel like a brother at arms as I struggle to present what called has called me to share. May He give us patience and wisdom.


  2. Glad to hear this update about the efforts to translate this part of the Bible! I can only imagine how difficult it is, but I’m praying that the Holy Spirit will give you the wisdom to accomplish this task. I’m glad you are taking time to play & refresh & rest! Love y’all so much ❤️


  3. Grace, mercy and peace be unto you my brother in Christ. Thank you for being a willing vessel and how you are burdened with what He is burdened for. His Gospel, His Word, and HIs language. I pray in Jesus Name that HIs Word will go forth like never before, once it catches fire, His Word will run through that people group and ignite others to want Jesus and ask what must they do to be saved. He is so strategic in how things are done or take place. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Do not fear or be dismayed for He is your God and will strengthen and help you; He says I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. He is and has overcome and has already given you the victory. Walk in its fulness. I will continue praying for you and your family. In Jesus Name!


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