Good from bad

This morning was a day if I could have been magically transported back to America I would have said yes.  The smell of fall, the change of seasons, oh  how I miss those simple things.  As missionaries we have those days when you just want life to be normal again. Clock in, Clock out job, no language lesson, familiar foods, sounds, people, AC etc.

Today didn’t start well.  Anastasia was extremely cranky, I was tired for some reason, language was hard and it was hot early. It’s 100 everyday now as summer has arrived.   I knew I had discipleship group later so after language I tried to lay on the concrete floor in front of the fan for a nap. No AC and right now the heat just zaps the energy from you.  So from 12-3 everyone here just rests.  At 4 I arrived at my discipleship group under the shade tree to find only one person there. But something in my spirit said to play it cool.  So I did.  After 15 minutes everyone showed up and one was new.  We are currently working on an oral picture dictionary (future post).  Part of that is a set of lessons for new believers along with how to share your testimony and the gospel.  So I told some guys to share your testimony and share the good news (gospel) with the new guy.  They did and He wanted to commit his life to follow Christ.  A crummy day in which I didn’t want to be here turned into a glorious reminder of why we are here.  Spiritual warfare is real. Satan doesn’t want us here.   God is moving here.  Keep praying for us and those you know living in a different culture bringing the good news to the unreached.  Galatians 6 reminds us we have the tools to fight the enemy. Today the angels rejoiced. Pray for Q. A new believer. I can’t say his name yet and have no clue how to spell it. Did I mention it was a hard language day😁.


4 thoughts on “Good from bad

  1. Aren’t we glad that we are not in charge of our days? Our Lord has so much more in store for us than we can imagine….I know you were so full of joy as you traveled home from your session… Praise the Lord for your day… I could not last a half of a day in that heat….Love ..Gladys
    We just finished packing 122 shoes boxes at church for Operation Christmas Child..
    I know Samaritan’s Purse sent shoes boxes to Namibia ..I think it was last year since Franklin Graham wrote in a letter this year..
    “ There is now a church in a remote village among the HIMBA unreached people group…..”Before we had never heard of Jesus said Pastor Kuyelia a leader of the new church we have abandoned witch doctors and seek Jesus alone and prayer and worship”.
    I do not what they did to receive the boxes, but they did come to Namibia and usually do not go back to same church but find new places to Distribute the boxes… they want to reach more children who need to know the Lord..

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  2. Thank you for sharing.

    It is beautiful here at home right now, the mountains are so colorful this year!

    It’s a beautiful event that happened within your group! The leaves will fall and crumple, the new believer’s soul will be beautiful for eternity!

    Thank you and your family and the many others that do what you do for The Lord😊

    God Speed.

    Kathy Grindstaff
    Elizabethton, Tn.

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