Jesus saw the crowd and had compassion on them.   I admit compassion isn’t a natural spiritual gift for me and I’m a missionary.  Yet we are called to have compassion on all, even those who want to harm us. We don’t feel threatened here but we saw a real need here.  I’m not a big cheerleader for handouts, I’m more a teach you how to fish guy. And we are doing some “fishing” things here which I’m excited about.  Yes,  I’ve seen the unintended consequences of continual dependence on government aid and avoid handouts whenever possible. But the Ju/’hoansi have been hit hard by Covid. Thankfully no deaths or many cases, but the revenue stream they depend on for money has disappeared.

1/3 of Namibia’s economy is tourism.  With the borders closed for 7 months you can imagine how people are hurting.  The borders just opened back up this month but it will be next year until the tourist return they say. AIM setup a food relief fund and we applied to get every person over 18 in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy some help.  Today we unloaded and stored some relief maize meal, rice, beans, oil and soup mix for every person here.  That’s 1650 people.  Thank you AIM and to those who have given to that fund.  We will now travel to all 38 remote villages over the coming months to distribute; pray and share a recently translated Bible story in Ju/’hoansi with these dear people.

Jesus looked upon the crowd and had compassion on them. Probably all of you have more compassion than me and so I applaud you as you have helped those in need these past 7 months. Let’s keep it up and show the love of Christ in our circles of influence.


2 thoughts on “Compassion

  1. Dear Ones, What a great opportunity to meet all the people in your area. I’m,praying that God will show you the best way to share Jesus as you share food. Keep up the great work!

    Your servant in Christ, Jack


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