Time Travel

Last Sunday after Church we started the journey to the capital. Our plan was to stay a week and get supplies and visit the doctor. Living in Namibia during Covid well has made me feel like I’ve been in a time capsule. Up until a month ago we had only 20 cases country wide and so for us we were living in this weird bubble. We wear mask, lived through lockdowns, wait in lines socially distanced to enter stores, enter our contact info as we enter every store etc. These are things we do in the town’s. Yet our numbers remained low. Until a few weeks ago it finally got out. On Wednesday the govt at 3pm made an announcement that the capital would be locked down no travel in and out at midnight along with other restrictions. So we quickly packed up and heading north out of the lockdown zone. We are now back in the bush in Tsumkwe where to our knowledge there is no CoVid. Back in our time bubble. Life is different in so many ways here and that is especially true in these times.

We continue to disciple, work on oral Bible stories, learn this click language, wash clothes by hand, battle water outages etc. We are prepared if CoVid ever reaches us but for now we press on for the race set before us.


2 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. Dear Ones, it’s always good to hear your news. The virus has made daily life difficult all over the world. We keep you in our prayers.


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