Oral Bible project and a new video

In case you missed our recent newsletter let me give you an update. We have launched a new project to help raise funds for the oral Bible project Jeremy has been working on. People have started to give and the first batch of solar digital audio players have been ordered. I was able to order 20 players. $25 buys a player which is like putting a Bible in the hands of a person. There are over 1600 adults and around 40 villages here in the Nyae Nyae where we live.

Bicycles will enable the guys to go and spread stories but we have just been approved to receive a portable Jesus film backpack kit. Once we purchase some bikes we can then send them into the villages to not only share stories from the Bible but watch the story of Jesus. $50 buys a bike. I can buy the used bikes from a ministry in the capital that refurbish them and gives people jobs. So a two for one deal.

Jeremy just recorded a recent storying trip to the bush. Watch that video.

To give to this project (all donations tax free) click this link. https://usgiving.aimint.org/project/102037-004

This link was broken in the newsletter but is fixed now.

Feel free to share this post with friends, churches, anyone. We are dreaming big and no amount is to small.

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