Hazel COVID-19 update

Hey y’all. We’re good. Like the rest of the world alot is shut down but Namibia only has 3 cases (tourist) and they went into seclusion in the capital and are recovering. No in country person to person so far. But in this slower time we’ve been busy with language learning a few hours almost everyday, and Jeremy has been able to meet with two new disciples a few times a week now. Pray for Daqm and Lucas as they learn how to share the hope in Christ they have and as we explore what it means to follow Christ not religion. Also pray as Jeremy has a meeting in the morning with most of the local officals and authorities to determine how we can assist the Ju’honasi people during this time and beyond.

As always you can follow us on Instagram or facebook for more frequent updates and photos.

2 thoughts on “Hazel COVID-19 update

  1. Hey Guys, We are so happy to hear that you have some down time for language. Listening is so important and takes a long time before it sticks in most of our heads. 🙂


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