Story of the week: The Gospel

As you chill while society acts like a turtle to ride out COVID-19. May this story encourage your heart.

This morning was breezy which was a relief from the humid hot days we have had recently. As I met with my two new disciples we shared our stories (testimony) again to each other. Sang a simple song, prayed and then reviewed our first lesson. That lesson was simply how to share the gospel. These two men know who Jesus is and why He came and they have let Him change their life. Yet they didn’t know how to share this good news or even that we are commanded to.

After reviewing our drawing in the sand based on Romans 6:23 we set out to pray for the 5 people they wanted to share with. It just so happens some we’re sitting nearby. So they just called them over and for the next hour I watched as they shared their story, drew pictures in the sand and even debated back and forth. I don’t what happened but God does. Friday we will debrief and talk about it all.

Our pray for the Ju’honasi is that the gospel will come in a clear and understandable way. Today I hope was a small first step toward that prayer.


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