Show Your Love

We have been thinking and praying about how to stay more positive this year. We walked through a dark valley last year and do not want to find ourselves there again. A lot of times you feel alone when you walk through those dark valleys. We were not created to be alone. We were created to be in fellowship with God and with each other. It has been wonderful to be on home assignment and receive everyone’s love. Yet, we are ready to return to Namibia. We know God will never leave us or forsake us. BUT sometimes, okay often, maybe daily, we need reminders. We need those hugs and words of encouragement.

So here is how you can SHOW YOUR LOVE.

Print this sheet onto a color or patterned piece of paper or cardstock. Cut out as many hearts as you need. Each person can Sign their name on the front and add a word of encouragement, prayer, or verse on the back. Then mail your HEARTS to us by Valentine’s Day at 109 Pineview Rd Statesboro, GA 30461.

We are going to laminate them to display in our home in Namibia. When we feel alone or just need a hug, we can read each person’s name and their message to encourage us. SHOW YOUR LOVE for us in this simple way.

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