A New Year/A Fresh Start

The calendar has turned over. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

It is a new beginning, a fresh start. Time to reprogram our brains to write 2019.

Our visa paperwork has been turned in. Now we pray and wait patiently for approval. God has led us down this road and we rest in Him.

It is time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. It is a time to look at past goals. Those achieved and those not achieved. Now is the time to set new ones whether spiritual, physical, financial, or even mental. Sometimes it helps to write them or tell them to someone for accountability. Whatever goals and change you desire this new year, let’s keep our eyes on Jesus. He is the Sustainer and Provider.

Some of our personal goals:


  • redeem the 7am hour before my day begins
  • listen to the Bible in chronological order
  • be able to run comfortably a 10K by the end of the year


  • listen to the Bible in chronological order
  • start savings monthly again
  • work on my anxiety and finding the calm in the storms of life


  • Enjoy being a kid
  • Learn something new each day

Image result for kicking soccer goal clipart

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