Kroger and Language

Last weekend, I ran the 10K Bridge Run in Savannah, GA. While we were in Savannah, we were going to shop at stores like Joann Fabric and Lifeway. After the race, we headed that way.  We found ourselves at a stoplight across from a Kroger. It was a “Super” Kroger too. We live in Statesboro, GA even though a college town, it has very limited grocery stores. So we decided to go inside quickly to see what we could find. Claudia said, “let’s go down the toy aisle and see what “Little People” they have.”  I go down one aisle and she goes down the other. All of a sudden I hear a scream. “I found it, I found it, oh my gosh come look,” yelling Claudia. Her reaction was like she found a hidden pot of gold behind the toys. So I rush over and she is smiling from ear to ear with the Little People grandparent set in her hand.  She was so happy. She took the photo below and shared it on our family What’s App group immediately.

Our language coach wanted us to collect a full 3 generations of dolls, a family from baby to grandparents for our language lesson games.  We have been looking for almost 2 months now for the grandparents. She had found them online but they were $40+. Kroger had this one set hidden in the back for $5.99. People all the time ask us what is like to be missionaries. We are those crazy people scouring grocery stores looking through the kids toys for things that will help us communicate with our neighbors.

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