Watering those seeds

The post is an update from my previous post. Currently, we are testing the first two stories which are the creation of the spirit world and the creation of heaven and earth. This past week I have been sharing these stories in Swahili in our village. I am asking for feedback which has opened many doors for discussions. For two hours, my language helper and I discussed the major differences between Islam and Christianity according to our holy books. I was able to share why Jesus came and why He died on the cross. Later, I sat on my steps with my neighbors and we discussed the different creation stories they had been taught. It was amazing the diversity of stories shared between three people from the same village. As we continue to test these stories, please pray for wisdom and boldness and pray for the Holy Spirit to guide our chats with others. Hopefully in the next week, we will finish the first two stories. The next two stories are going to be a real challenge as we tackle the fall of man and Abraham and Issac. The difference between Islam and Christianity is vast in these two topics. When talking about Abraham, I have had to share that Abraham had two sons. Our neighbors know about Abraham’s first son Ishmael through Hagar. Islam leaves out Issac who is the son promised by God to Abraham through Sarah. It is Issac’s grandchildren who form the twelve tribes of Israel. Issac is a major piece of God’s redemption story foreshadowing the coming of the promised Son of God, the Messiah, Jesus. Pray for teammate Samantha and I as we tackle these new stories in the coming months and the discussions that will revolve around these stories.


One thought on “Watering those seeds

  1. Interesting blog. Love reading about your work. Praying for the three of you, your helper and your new family of people ❤️


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