The seeds are being planted

I’m so excitied that I had to blog about this facebook post I shared the other day.  The day after this post I sat down with H and we now have the first audio draft of the creation story.  We are creating 16 stories to start off with and they will take us from creation to stories of Jesus in the New Testament.  This is why we are here to bring the gospel to the Digo.  So excited.


I know this isn’t a perfect framed photo. But today my Digo friend H and I started on the first Bible story. This is so huge to finally get started on putting the story of the Bible into an oral form so it can be spread. So excited I had to take a photo of this occasion. He was watching the story of creation on my tablet. As we were reading Genesis 1 he said to me. Oh so God created us and wants us to be friends with him. I said yes. You see for a Muslim to say that is totally opposite of their view of God who is very distance and you must do rules to try and gain favour. Pray for H as we journey through the bible and for my teammate Sam and her storyteller as we are working on this together.

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