We made it back (kinda)

Our Journey back to the coast wasn’t without its share of struggles. It took us 16 hours over two days to travel 375 miles on the infamous Mombasa-Nairobi road.  In America, that distance would just be a 5 to 6 hour journey on the interstate.  It took 5 hours to travel through Mombasa and to cross the ferry. The sun had set when we finally arrived near our house. We turned off the paved road and onto our little stretch of dirt road. We had planned to arrive in daylight because we had been warned the road was impassable after the recent rains. The rain had washed gullies 2 feet deep on the sides which narrowed the road.  The car slide off the road and we were stuck only 200 yards from home.  Claudia and Anastasia walked to the house. The neighbors came to our aid and helped to work me free. I could only get the vehicle closer to the house. The next day the neighbors and I “fixed” the road and made it passable for now.  We will see how long this will last.

Since being back we have been re-setting up the house. We are finally unpacking completely after being on the road for almost a year now.  We have been so many places over the past year. It feels good to hang something on the wall and call it your own.  The neighbors have come over to see Anastasia.  It is nice to be back in the village.  The day after we arrived, I went to the market to see my vegetable dealer and he warmly greeted me.  He gave me extra veggies and gifted me 3 bananas for Anastasia. Africa is full of kindness and love!  We have purchased a palm tree and decorated it as our Christmas tree. We have placed a small nativity beneath it. Just today Claudia was able to briefly explain what the nativity is about to two ladies who were visiting.  We look forward to starting language learning again and building relationships.  Babu’s death while we were gone has changed our neighborhood.  Some of his family have moved up from the coast and are now staying in his house.  This has brought some new women and children to our backyard which is a blessing.  Pray with us as we engaged those around us and continue to build relationships.  We are excited to start a Bible Storying project in the coming months which we will share more about later.

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