Much Thankfulness

Wow! What a journey the past two years have been for us.

Thanksgiving Day 2015 we flew into Namibia to start living among the San Bushmen. Our time with the little people of the Kalahari was cut short because the Namibian government did not renew our work visas. So Thanksgiving 2016 we found ourselves with family in the States.

As 2017 started, we didn’t know where we were going. We escaped to our cabin in the woods of East Tennessee because we had no answers to everyones questions. We spent a month there. We were snowed in for 5 days. We prayed a lot. By the end of our time at the cabin God had given us a peace to set a deadline to hear from the Namibian government. It broke our heart when there was nothing but silence.

But in the silence God started to grow a blessing for us. We found out about this blessing in March. There was a third Hazel growing inside. She was being knit together by the Lord. Anastasia arrived right on time according to God’s plan on September 23rd.

God also had another blessing for us, a new assignment in Kenya among another unreached people the Digo. This meant we were starting over. New country, new people group, new culture, new language, new team, NEW EVERYTHING. To tell the truth, the past 6 months have been overwhelming. Thankfully God has broken things up for us: 2 month of language learning in Tanzania, 2 months in the village to start learning culture, and 2 months to start to learn how to be parents. In a weeks time, everything will come together language, culture and parenthood. We are ready to settle for a long period of time after living out of a suitcase for more than a year now. With God’s help, we will start to reach the Digo people for His Kingdom.

This Thanksgiving we are celebrating with our New Team in Nairobi, Kenya. We have much thankfulness in our hearts.

We are thankful for our good Lord who has plans to give us HOPE for the future. We can trust Him totally! He provides always!

We are thankful for Anastasia!

We are thankful for everyone who has supported us the past few years. We truly could not be here in Africa without YOU. Thank you!!!! We pray you all experience God’s rich blessings this Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends. We love each one of you and we send a BIG HUG to YOU.


2 thoughts on “Much Thankfulness

  1. I have faith that you will be successful as parents and in reaching the people in your God led region. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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