The second team vehicle is ready. We were advised to rest one more day before traveling to Windhoek. Previously, we  blogged about the Hoba Meteorite, “Next time you see this meteorite Claudia and I will be on top of it :).” Today is the day to fulfill this promise.



3 thoughts on “Meteorite

  1. I am so sad that you have to leave. I know this is where your hearts are. I pray that Hod makes a way for you to go back. I’m sure it’s confusing for your neighbors to understand. But I also know that God can calm their fears and their hearts too. I will have my bible study group pray for your safe return to wherever God leads you!


  2. Dear Claudia & Jeremy,

    I wanted to write an email to you but it didn’t go through. Seems like your email adress ( doesn’t work anymore.?


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