Farewell for Now

Things have been difficult recently. Only a few people have known what has happened but slowly now the word is getting out. About a month ago AIM told our team that they were disbanding the team. Here is the link to the letter sent to us to share. This was difficult news to receive but Jeremy and I agree with the decision. We have shared in the past to pray for team unity. Unfortunately, the whole team failed to come together plus other issues like medical and engaging the curriculum. Jeremy and I confess we could have worked harder and tried harder and we did play a part. We are sadden deeply that the team has ended this way. Yet, this past year has not been for nothing. The lessons learned are not void. God has used this time and will continue to use it.

20161023_09101020161021_18222720161023_142622Yesterday, the team left Tsumkwe together after 4 days of goodbyes and packing our things. It has been a physically and emotionally draining week. I personal slept less, ate less, and cried many times. Here are some of the pictures of our farewells. Our actual family would not allow me to cry because they believe we will be back.

So where are team members going from here?

Some are on a plane this morning heading back to the US. Some are in Windhoek praying about where to go from here. Our team leaders are staying in Tsumkwe for now.

Jeremy and I are in Grootfontein waiting for the second team vehicle to be repaired then we will drive to Windhoek. We have the desire stay in Tsumkwe. Unfortunately, we have received word that our visa renewal has been denied. Once in Windhoek, we will start the appeal process to receive our work visa to stay in country. Our current visa ends on Nov 15th. We will also have an end of term debrief with AIM leadership. Jeremy and I hope to go for some help to deal with the struggles, pain, and hurt we have experienced this past year. Many things must come together for us to return to Tsumkwe. So we ask you to pray.

What to pray for at this time?

~ Our work visas will be approved. ~ The community leadership of Tsumkwe will want us to stay after the hurt the community has experienced. ~ Jeremy and I will experience healing in our hearts and mind and return to Tsumkwe healthy spiritually, mentally, and physically. ~ For the San community, this has been hurtful to them also and they don’t understand. ~ For God to produce Beauty from Ashes.

9 thoughts on “Farewell for Now

  1. Praying for both of you. I really feel that God has put you in this marvelous village for a reason. Coming to terms with the situation will take all the faith and resolve you gave. God won’t leave you desolate.


  2. I know how stressful this can be but like Susan says, God won’t leave in despair. He has a plan for you. Keep your head up and your heart open.


  3. So sorry for this sad time. But I know you will stay the course – wherever God may lead you. Prayers from the Jonesboro FUMC folks.


  4. God has a plan!
    Will be praying for you , sorry you have been hurt and discouraged, but know God is still in complete charge of all our journeys!


  5. I am saddened with the two of you. I have looked forward to your experiences you have shared and I have read every one of every one I can’t understand all you are saying, but I sense in your words that it was not desired by the two of you. I’m praying that you will be able to go back. I could see the joy on the faces of the people in the posted photos. God bless you and keep you safe!


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