The front door

Just realized its been a few weeks since we blogged and time has flown by so fast. We had our unit yearly conference last weekend and was challenged greatly by our guest speaker. Just wanted to let everyone know we are alive and working on a new newsletter to e-mail out early next week.
Claudia has really enjoyed just sitting with the ladies and has learned and also helped make ostrich egg jewellery. We both have spent a lot of time just sitting and listening. We are learning and our neighbours rejoice with us when we speak someone they can understand. Claudia said it best recently that every day we open the front door and ask God "now what". We have no clue what the day holds or who we will spend it with. We just let the day unfold. We have things to do but we always seem to shift those around to make time for our neighbours. Thanks for your prayers as we feel them guide us everyday.

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