Healing Ceremony

This past weekend we have experienced some big steps in relationship building with our neighbors.

Thursday we returned home to find Uncle, /ui (Jeremy’s language helper), and little Daqm setting poles for a shade area behind our house. It brought us to tears because we did not ask and they asked for nothing in return. They had taken the initiative to do this for us and were even using their own wire to construct. Later Uncle actually gave us half of a watermelon out of his garden. What a wonderful treat here where it is hot most days.

I, Claudia, had been invited to go out into the bush with N!ae (my language helper) and her family to gather. So Friday afternoon, I had a piece of clothe tied around my shoulder and began walking. For about 3 hours, we gathered everything from beetles, caterpillars, tubers, berries and fire wood. Then I got to watch them prepare everything for dinner. I must say caterpillars are not bad cooked in sunflower oil. I still have problems swallowing beetles with their hard outside body.

Throughout the weekend I was able to sit with three different groups of ladies. First Tsaba, my namesake, showed me how to make a few of the traditional ostrich egg beads that they make into jewellery. Then Tsaba showed me how they sew the small colored beads together to make bracelets and necklaces. The second group were two older ladies who sit together most days. I had to have my language helper interpret for me because I did not understand them. It was good to sit with them awhile. The third was with my language helper’s family. It is a group of just ladies in one hut. I am learning to say all their names correctly. The next morning after gathering the oldest one even said good morning to me for the first time.

Jeremy and the guys worked together to make a table for Uncle and small shelf for us yesterday afternoon. Great guy time.

It has been great to get to know our neighbors better in just the past few days. All this has opened the door for me to be invited to a healing ceremony this evening.

I am asking for prayer. This ceremony involves a traditional healing doctor or witchdoctor. I am asking for you all to pray for protection from the Evil One and his servants, that I may come to a greater understanding culturally of this ceremony among the San and that God may open my eyes to how to share about Himself, the true Healer.

This is an opportunity few get invited to observe in this culture. I consider it a blessing for the invitation but know spiritual warfare will be strong.

One thought on “Healing Ceremony

  1. Praying f or protection Claudia at the ceremony. Praying for you both to learn the language well and build good relationships. Blessings, Miss Julie


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