So much has happened the past few days in a positive way. As you know, we are living amongst the SAN in a house that is much like the modern houses around us. So fitting on and being accepted is a huge task. So many hurdles and yet God has blessed us. Here are some highlights of the past few days.
– Jeremy has been able to help our neighbour expand his garden fence. In turn our neighbour has also shown and helped Jeremy to build a fence with local material for our garden. In fact our neighbour even let Jeremy build a section of his new fence. What an honour to gain that kind of trust.
– Claudia was sitting under the shade tree cooling off and reading when Saba (neighbour wife) and Claudia’s SAN namesake came over and sat down. She then proceeded to ask for Claudia ankle. She had made some beaded ankle bracelets which are traditional SAN jewellery and presented them as a gift and fitted them to her ankle. What an honour to receive a handmade gift.
– Yesterday we had surprise visitor’s from the village we went to for our home stay. Some ladies caught a ride into Tsumkwe and stopped by our house to see us while in town.
– The neighbourhood kids continue to come over whenever they can and we allow. We have language classes and reading to do so we can’t hang with them all the time. Our front yard is mostly glass free now so they can run around and not cut their feet. We pray that these children will be a gateway to build relationships with the parents as well as our influence on them.

As we continue to adjust to the culture here and make small steps in language and relationships each day may God be Glorified.

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