So this is my second attempt to type and send this post. I tried to put a picture in the first one and it was too much for our "internet" here and didn’t send. Sorry for no pictures but i have been able to post pictures to instagram. Go to our blog for the link or my instagram id is jeremy.hazel

So as a missionary our primary focus the first few months is to learn the language so we can build relationships and trust with our neighbours. The past few days we have had some neat breakthroughs and I wanted to share.

-Jeremy has been working with my neighbour who has been expanding his fence for his garden. It is planting season here as the rains have started. We also needed to build a fence for our garden and he has helped and shown me how to do it. As I was helping him the other day on his fence he let me do a whole big section myself. What an honor to gain trust that he would let me work on his fence. These fences protect the produce which we can’t buy locally from animals. It’s a big deal.
– Claudia was reading under the shade tree the other day and Saba our neighbours wife and her SAN namesake came in the yard and sat down with her. She then proceeded to custom fit 2 ankle bracelets she had handmade for Claudia. This jewellery is traditional SAN and usally sold locally. What an honor to receive a gift with lots of love behind it.
– Yesterday some ladies from the village we did our home stay in hitched a ride to Tsumkwe. They unexpectedly stopped by the house and Claudia served them tea and cookies. Her and the ladies laughed and tried to communicate but it was a good time. What an honor to have unexpected guest take their time to stop in.

Pray for us as we continue to build trust and build relationships and learn the language. God continues to be our strength and guide. We praise him for the great steps forward we have been blessed with.

One thought on “Relationships

  1. Wonderful to hear God is already working and answering prayers for building relationships! 🙂 Thank you for sharing good news!


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