Santa comes to the Kalahari

We have been richly blessed this week.

A wonderful servant of the Lord drove 20 hours one way from Johannesburg to Tsumkwe Monday. He carried with him solar light systems for each of our houses on the Tsumkwe TIMO team. They were donated by his church. What a blessing! We shared a wonderful Christmas meal together. And how God had brought each one of us to live here for the next two years.

We have been blessed with mosquito screen for our windows. Claudia spent the good part of three days sewing seams in the netting to fit our windows. And together we have installed them.

What a blessing to sit here writing this blog post by lights charged by the sun today without being attacked by all sorts of bugs.

We were blessed today to visit again the village where we spent our home stay. They slaughtered a cow and seasoned it perfectly along with many side salads. Probably the best beef we have eaten. It was a great time of eating, dancing, and singing. We hope to share videos in a few weeks as we travel to ABO (Africa Base Orientation) in January. We so enjoyed the fellowship with our new San family.

We also invited our landlord and his family over to our house here in Tsumkwe to enjoy a cold drink and presents. They have been so good to us. We are so thankful for their kind hearts to welcome us into the neighbourhood.

We were also able to share little candy canes with the children who have been playing in our front yard for the past month. They loved them.

We have been so blessed. Yet there have been a few tears as we spend Christmas away from our family and friends in America. We love you ALL. We could not have been here so long already without your love and support. Thank You!!! We wish you a very Merry Christmas from Tsumkwe.

2 thoughts on “Santa comes to the Kalahari

  1. Sounds like you are packing away unforgettable memories. God has truly opened doors for you to see His world and people differently. I am praying for you and the people. Jenni


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