Next Steps

We have been overwhelmed by God providing. Good news has arrived!

  • We have been officially cleared to go to Africa.

  • Our departure date is now July 9th. This is only a few weeks later than we expected. This will give us a little longer to say our goodbyes to everyone.

  • We have been given the opportunity to serve in Africa Inland Mission’s Southern Region office in Johannesburg, South Africa for 3 months. Why are we doing this? Our team leader’s second set of twins are due in July. This was a total unplanned surprise to them.  This would be right when our team was expected to arrive in Tsumkwe. This is a lot on our team leaders considering the current twin girls are about to turn 3, so our team departure has been pushed to October.

  • What will we be doing? Jeremy has opportunity to help improve the communication within the Southern Region through developing a new website, blog, and other IT stuff. This will help everyone. It will improve communication from office to field and also to you all. Claudia has a huge opportunity to travel to Lesotho and Botswana for training and experience farming in Africa with Growing Nations. This will give her hands on experience in African soil which will help so much in Tsumkwe. The following video tells more about growing nations.
    Here is the link to video about Growing Nations.

  • We will join our team in Windhoek, Namibia in October. Together we will move into our homes in Tsumkwe.

  • During the extra few weeks in States we will serve at Pathfinders Youth Camp at Summer Camp and as we get more details we share them with you in a few weeks.

Our journey to Africa so far is just the beginning of the adventure. Thank you for being so supportive.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.
Jeremy or Claudia 423-217-4074  (Jeremy broke his phone Monday  🙂

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