Fun Fact Friday: 100%

100Great News, we just mailed off our last batch of pledges to AIM and by our records we have crested over the 100% monthly support pledge mark.  We are now awaiting final confirmation from Africa Inland Mission.  If you were planning on supporting us monthly but haven’t yet you still can. All of our pledges are faith pledges and inevitably  some months some people won’t be able to give.  We understand life happens, but collectively as a whole we want to stay around 100% funded every month. So if you still want to pledge go ahead and know that your pledge will help keep us around the 100% mark.  As we close out this week we have hit some major milestones in our journey to Africa. We moved out of our apartment, reached our 100% pledge mark, settled our Dog of 8 years  into her new home and worked our last days at our Jobs. God is faithful and during this process of support raising and pairing down belongings we kept claiming that promise. We will spend the weekend in Atlanta with family then fly out to Seattle to visit more family next week.  We covet your prayers as both of us need some much needed mental and physical rest this coming week.

3 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday: 100%

  1. So excited for you both. Will keep you in our prayers. May God honor your faithfulness and bless you abundantly.

    Miss Janet


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