Have you read the book Radical by David Platt?  I believe this video gives you a visual summary of the book. Like David our pastor has been preaching on faith for a few months now and He is showing us in scripture how God wants us to go and serve.  Not serve in the church but be the church in the community.  It takes faith to serve in an area where you have no skills.  It takes faith to start a ministry when financially you have no money. It takes faith to support a missionary.  It takes faith to connect with another culture other than your own and I’m not talking about outside America.  Do we need a new Radical approach to church in the 21st century?  Good question but let’s first look at our own lives and how we can exercise and strength our own faith.  Claudia and I have taken a huge leap of faith, at least for us but it has been amazing to see how God has provided every step of the way.  What’s your next step?


One thought on “Faith

  1. Love his book! He is a great guy and a wonderful friend when we were in high school together. Sadly we lost touch after high school!

    Faith is a tough thing…… it looks different for each of us however just as hard for each of us!


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