Life Lesson: Humans


pizap.com14135567018441This is Jeremy.  Just spent the past week in Rush Colorado (see photo) learning how to survive in harsh environments and making the most with what you have around you.  Thanks Jack Dody with Abundaculture for all the knowledge and ideas to help us transition as we move to Namibia.   As I reflect on the week I was struck by no matter where you live, humans are the greatest resource we have.   We have a great desire to survive (duh) and also a desire to make things better and easier to do.  It is a pretty harsh environment out here on the plains of Colorado.  Very dry and windy and flat kinda like what our conditions will be like in Namibia.  Jack has learned how to survive out here by using solar electricity, harvesting rainwater and creating his own compost.   The SAN have survived in one of the harshest environments on the planet the Kalahari Desert for over 3,000 years.   I’m looking forward to learning from the SAN and how they have adapted to survive.  Building relationships and caring for each other are the staples that hold our society’s together.  No matter where you live always remember Humans are our greatest resource.

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