Fun Fact Friday: Living Museum

A living museum has been established about 20 minutes north of where we will be living.  It is the main tourist attraction in the area and one of the ways the locals can make a little money.

Here is a brief description from the website:  Visit the website here.

“The Living Hunters Museum of the Ju/Hoansi is situated about 23 km north of Tsumkwe, the capital of the Bushmen. It should only be accessed with 4×4 vehicles as the road which leads to the Living Museum is sandy. The Living Hunters Museum is initiated by a group of Ju/ Hoansi from Grashoeks Living Museum (the first Living Museum in Namibia) and the Living Culture Foundation Namibia and it is independently managed by the Bushmen.”

Another living museum about an hour and half away also gives a glimpse into the traditional life of the bushmen. You can visit that site here.

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