good samaritan

The past two weeks, the Sunday School lesson for the children and the sermon topic from our pastor has been on the Good Samaritan. Luke 10:25-37

From our pastor’s sermon: Jesus tells us 5 specific things about how we are to love.good

1. We are to love with a love that is compassion.

2. We are to love with a love that is caring.

3. We are to love with a love that is costly.

4. We are to love with a love that takes risks.

5. We are to love with a love that is willing to cross social borders.

When I hear the same thing back to back, it sinks in a little deeper. My ears open a little wider because I believe God is trying to teach me somethingĀ  new or remind me of something I have forgotten or prepare me for something on my journey. Most of us have read/heard the story of the Good Samaritan. It is easy to feel compassion and care but it is harder when it is becomes costly, risky, or crosses boundaries. Loving our neighbor is not easy but we are asked to do so. We are humbled that God has asked us to go and be good neighbors to the San because I have not always gotten it right here in the US. I have failed, but God reminds me of what a good neighbor is to be, He forgives me and wants me to try again. This is a journey that is costly, risky, and crosses comfort zones.

Are you willing to be a good neighbor?

Listen to our pastor’s sermon at


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