Fun Fact Friday: FAQ

We just added this new FAQ page to our blog this week of the most common questions we get asked.

Frequently Asked Questionssmverison1

This is a collection of the most common questions we get asked.

Q: Where will you be living?

A: We will be living a very very remote part of southern Africa on the edge of the Kalahari Desert near a village called Tsumkwe in the country of Namibia.  The nearest big city is 3 .5 hrs on nice gravel road from us.   Tsumkwe  is located in northeastern tsumkwe-locationNamibia on the edge of the Kalahari Desert.  Namibia is Southwestern Africa.

Q: How long is your first assignment?

A: Our assignment is a 2.5yr assignment with a group of fellow missionaries. Our team leaders are native Namibia’s and fellow AIM missionaries.

Q: What will you be doing?

A: Our main focus is to build relationships with the SAN bushman by living among them. They have been through a lot and the transition from hunter gather to semi- substance agriculture has been hard, especially on the edge of desert. Each team member brings a different skill set. Claudia will be the agriculture specialist and I will rely on my youth ministry background as I work with the kids. We are not going to show them how to live but to live among them and learn from them and at the same time we will be going through our TIMO curriculum which will train us how to be effective missionaries.

Q: What will your living conditions be like?

A: We will have running water when I run to go get it from the nearest well. 🙂

Watch this video for an update on what type of house is getting built for us.   Our house will be of similar construction. It be a concrete pad with concrete plaster walls and a metal roof. Viewed as very primitive by our American Culture but very modern for Rural Africa.

Electricity is off and on and depending how far out from the Solar power station we are.  However we will have about 300 days of sunshine so our own Solar and Wind sources are options in which Jeremy is getting trained for.

Q: Will you be able to communicate back to the states?

A: We will have access to mail but since it is very remote the mail won’t run everyday! We will eventually have internet access. Email and our blog will be the best way to stay in touch and or contact us. You can subscribe to our blog on the right side of the front page and have updates as we post them sent to your email.

Q: When are you leaving the states?

A: We now have a departure date. It’s June 11th 2015.

Q: What can you take with you?

A: We are limited to 2 50lb’s trunks a piece a carry on and our travel bag that must stay with us at our seat on the plane. When we say we are transitioning to a simple lifestyle we mean it. 2 of the 4 trunks are almost full and we really haven’t started packing yet.

Q: Is there a hospital nearby?

A: There is a local clinic and for major emergencies there is a airstrip and AIMAIR is at our disposal.  The nearest hospital is in Grootfontien which is 3.5 hrs away. IMG_3433

Q: What money do you have to raise and what is the difference between “Outgoing” and “Monthly Support”

A:Outgoing is what we need to raise in order to get us to Africa. It takes care of plane tickets, visa’s work permits, vechile aquistion, setting up or building our house/hut.   One time gifts will help us reach this goal.

Monthly Support is what will keep us in Africa. This is what we will live off of to buy food, clothes etc. It will pay our health insurance, taxes, gas for the vehicle and a portion goes to a contingency fund in case we have to fly home for some reason, a portion also covers the administration cost that our U.S. office has as they support us while we are overseas. In order for us to be approved to leave we have to have 100% of our monthly support pledged by May 1st 2015.   Click here for instructions on how to setup a monthly support pledge.

Q: When you say the SAN are an unreached people group what do you mean?

A: It means that less than 2% of the population are active Christian’s.

Q: What will you eat?

A:  Whatever they eat along with our simple recipes that we will bring which depends on what food items are available to buy.



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