Fun Fact Friday: San Hut’s

sanhutSince the San are nomadic, they built huts of grass thatched over a framework of branches, planted into the ground and tied with strips of bark of the knob-thorn tree at the apex. The men usually gather the branches and construct the framework, while the woman gather grass and set about thatching the hut in layers. The finished hut is quite warm, which is necessary when temperatures drop suddenly after sun set in the Kalahari.The huts are also waterproof to provide shelter from storms in the rainy season.

Sleeping places are usually hollowed out of the sand and covered with grass and a fur kaross is used as a covering in cold weather.

Our “Hut” is being built as I type this Fun Fact and won’t be like the picture as we won’t be Nomadic.  However it will be basic in structure and we hope to have more details and pictures in the next few  weeks!!!

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