I have started two different studies this past week one with the ladies small group at our church titled Namesake: When God Rewrites Your Story by Jessica LaGrone and second the last of my online classes World Mission of the Church lectures by Timothy Tennent. They are literally walking beside each other the first couple days. I love how God makes His point loud and clear.

Both studies so far have focused on Abraham and Sarah and how God rewrites their story through the covenant promise given to Abram at age 75 and waiting until he was 99 to change his name to Abraham to fulfill the first part of the covenant. God adds only one Hebrew letter “Hey” to each of their names. It changes the meaning of their names. Abram name means “The Exalted Father” and is changed to Abraham which means “The Father of Many Nations”. Sarai name means “Little Princess” and is changes to Sarah which means “The True Princess”. God changes us a little at a time to fulfill His plan.

I love how God has had a plan from the beginning to redeem all of us. God covenant promise was first to bless Abraham personally with many descendants, second to bless Abraham geographically as a great nation and third to bless all nations spiritually through Abraham. Genesis 12:1-4

Moses declares the first promise of the covenant is fulfilled in Deuteronomy 1:10-11 as the Israelites were as numerous as the “stars in the sky”. Moses says the second promise of the covenant will be fulfilled as they enter the Promise Land and all the peoples on earth will see that they are called by the name of the Lord. Israel’s role in the Old Testament is to tell the nations to “Come and See” what God is doing among the Jews and the church’s role in the New Testament is to “Go and Tell” the nations what God has done and is still doing. The church is the fulfilling of the third promise of the covenant.

I love how Africa Inland Mission mission statement is “Christ-centered churches among all African peoples.” Jeremy and I are called to GO to the San Bushman of Namibia only one nation which has not heard the Good News.

The promise is to ALL nations. These are not geographic nations but to ALL peoples groups. There are about 11,235 people groups in the world, 6,538 are considered unreached and 3,057 are considered unengaged unreached. This week we remember Christ road to the cross, death, and resurrection. “Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” Romans 5:7–8. From the beginning God’s plan was to redeem ALL of us.

Who will you tell the Good News to this week?



One thought on “Namesake

  1. And that message of redeeming love is just as vital today as it was ages ago. Praying for you, Jeremy and Claudia, as you prepare for the mission field in Africa.


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