luciadsc_7792It’s Jeremy and I’ve been reading a series of  books called “Radical” by David Platt.  As I have been reading I had 2 thoughts.

1. It is a sad day for the church in America when a pastor has to title his book “Radical” to explain the actions of just living a biblicaly based life as a Christian.  When a normal behavior has to be defined as radical says alot about the state of the church in America. David is correct our churches might be doing good things but we aren’t doing the best things most of the time.  I’m not saying everything is horrible but take a good look at what we are doing in light of what scripture teaches.  It’s not about buildings, ball fields, programs and public prestige but about sharing the Hope we have, taking care of the widows and orphans and oppressed and a whole lot more.

2. In context to our journey to Africa to share the gospel and eventually disciple and plant biblicaly based churches these books have put some perspective on that.  Just the other day a fellow AIM missionary posted how some African churches are just like the American church  but with Africans in them. So as we strive to share the gospel here in American or in Africa we need to make sure we are teaching the Bible and sharing the Hope we have with gentleness and respect.   If you want to be stretched  or as my pastor says if you want some exercise  ie  stretching then pick up the books and read them.  David isn’t condemning the church just making some observations and shares how His church is grappling with this reality.

claudia planting

Please Keep Claudia in your prayers this week as she is attending the “Farming God’s Way” training conference.   She is really excited to get some training in African agriculture practices that preserve the land but are based on biblical principles.

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